At Get Your Head in the Game we are dedicated to helping you maximize your performance and enjoyment of any chosen endeavor.  Excellence is more than a singular focus on winning; it requires a balance in life.  All aspects of your life–family, friends, school/work, health and faith–are essential elements of this balance.

Dr. Charlie Brown, Director of  Get Your Head In The Game, began working with elite performers in 1996.  Over the past two decades he has developed insights and experience from consulting with top performers in a variety of areas— sports, performing arts, medicine and business— and offers a number of online resources for helping performers of all levels of ability develop optimal performance (check out Good Stuff).

Presentations, Workshops and Speaking Engagements

We at Get Your Head in the Game welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and passion of performance excellence, work-life balance, and healthy relationships. We can tailor-fit a presentation to meet the needs of your organization.

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Good Stuff From Dr. Charlie

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Featured in the APA Monitor (publication of the American Psychological Association)

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If you are thinking about becoming a coach, this is this is a must read to prepare for the pragmatics of setting up your coaching practice.
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