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Developing a “Hot Hand” in Basketball

Kevin Barry of WAER Sports (Syracuse University) explores the mental aspects of developing a shooting streak in basketball, with interviews of Dr. Charlie Brown (Get Your Head In The Game) and Dr. Jack Lesyk (Ohio Center for Sport Psychology).

Road Trip Tips

Sport/Performance psychologist Dr. Charlie Brown offers tips and guidelines for minimizing stress and maximizing performance when traveling. This is particularly suitable for elite athletes, performing artists, coaches and sport/performance psychologists.  (Don’t get confused by the references to; this was the first of Dr. Charlie’s videos and before Little Pisgah Productions started creating films for  HANDOUT/WORKSHEET:  Road Trip Tips Handout

Coaching for Coaches: Pragmatics of Sport Psychology

Dr. Charlie Brown discusses the pragmatics of applied sport psychology with graduate students at the University of Ulster (Ireland). Through Skype video conferencing, Dr. Tadhg MacIntyre arranged this candid discussion of issues, challenges and rewards of being a sport psychologist. This is especially suited for students or professionals considering a career in either sport or performance psychology.

Effective Goal Getting

If you are beginning an exercise program, sport/performance psychologist Dr. Charlie Brown provides tips and insights for not just setting goals, but actually getting your goals. In this 50 minute program Dr. Brown interweaves humor, examples and practical advice on the benefits of thinking in stages as you embark on change, and tips for dealing with discomfort during early stages of an exercise program. This presentation was recorded on 11/1/11 at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC.


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