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Video Tips

Allow sufficient time to view the video prior to making your purchase

Your encrypted link will be available for 24 hours after you make your purchase.  Be certain to check the duration of the video and allow time for your enjoying the video within the 24-hour time frame.

Adjust the quality of the video picture to match your internet connection

Our videos are viewed using a streaming process rather than being fully downloaded to your computer, which means that a) you must have an internet connection for the streaming process; and b) the speed of your internet connection determines the quality of the streaming process.  The videos can be viewed in high definition (HD 1080p & 720p) as well as lower definition quality (240p).  Higher definition quality requires a faster internet connection. You will have the optimal streaming process using a computer that has a direct (wired) internet connection.  You can also view the videos with a wireless connection; wi-fi connections tend to stream better than wireless phone connections.  If your video appears jerky or to stop at times,  you should select a lower quality picture (e.g., 240p).  The video quality is adjusted by clicking the “gear” icon on the bottom of the video playback screen.

Be certain that your internet browser is set to allow “cookies”

The encryption process used to protect our videos rely upon a small piece of code (called a “cookie”) in the authorization email that you will receive.  Make certain that your internet browser’s preferences are set to allow cookies so you can view the video.

If you encounter difficulties with streaming the video after adjusting your connection…

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