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10 Key Questions for Contextual Success

  1. Am I presenting my ideas in their language? Do I need to become more “fluent” in the client’s language? If so, how can I do so?
  2. Have I joined appropriately with the hierarchy?
  3. Have I addressed both the formal and informal structure of the system?
  4. Is there a key person (or persons) in the system that I have not addressed?
  5. Have I identified existing patterns for making decisions, and am I using those patterns?
  6. Am I presenting my ideas in a manner that reflects each individual’s view of reality?
  7. When encountering difficulties or “resistance”

  8. Have I adequately joined with the person and demonstrated empathy of his or her view/perspective?
  9. How might I reframe any difficulties or “resistance” that I am encountering into “protection”?
  10. What are the “trade offs,” risks or dangers of the change that I am seeking, and how can I address those dangers?
  11. If I have done all the above, is this simply a context in which change is not feasible at the present time?