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It is National Hug A Runner Day… Go H.A.R.D.!

National Hug A Runner Day

Go hug a runner!

It is November 20th and time to celebrate all the pavement pounders and trail trotters in your life!  This is national Hug A Runner Day (H.A.R.D.).   If you know a runner, this is your day to give ‘em a big hug; if there is a runner you’d like to get to know, consider this your invitation to introduce yourself with open arms. (my advice is to hug them before they run to reduce the sweat experience…)

Runners Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano, are the official founders of national H.A.R.D. and authors of Running the Edge.   They offer an official

history of H.A.R.D., along with a handy training guide for optimal hugging. (I am partial to “interval hugging” and “Hug visualization”:  CLICK HERE for the guide.

Check it out; wrap your arms around your favorite runner, and Go H.A.R.D.!