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Professionals – Coaching For Coaches

If you are considering a career in performance consulting, Get Your Head In The Game can help you on your journey.  Dr. Charlie Brown is one of the preeminent authorities on effectively applying the the principles of sport psychology in other performance areas.  We offer services specifically for psychologists and other professionals seeking to transition to this new and emerging area of practice.

Individual coaching.  Top coaches know that coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve performance, and they recognize the value of having their own coach.  With 30+ years of experience running a successful small business, Dr. Brown provides practical guidance and support for individuals transitioning to a private practice, or shifting from traditional clinical work for performance consulting.  Contact our office for more information.

Internet-based coaching resources.  We are excited to offer a number of videos to assist developing expertise in performance consulting (see below).  In addition to the video series, Are You Ready for Performance Consulting?we are producing a mental skills video series that can be used by coaches and consultants in working directly with clients.  Each video provides a detailed and pragmatic description of a key mental skill, and suggestions for implementing the skill. Clients can review the video (either on their own or jointly with the consultant), and then work collaboratively with the consultant to tailor the principles and techniques to their own unique style and circumstance.  Stay tuned, as the mental skills series is scheduled for release in the 2015.

We also have just completed our first “Master the Mental Game Webinar Series,” a unique webinar format designed to instruct athletes and performers in key mental skills, while simultaneously mentoring their coaches in developing their abilities to coach others in mental skills.  Here’s a free recording of the introductory webinar, Overview of Mental Skills Training that not only describes the structure in detail, but also provides a first-hand sample of the process.  For additional information on the webinar series, contact us.

Free viewing of Introduction to Performance Consulting!!

It’s been a great year, and to celebrate we’re offering free viewings of the Introduction to Performance Consulting video.  I consider the content of the video exceptional, but it was one of our early productions and the sound is not optimal (we’re correcting that in our upcoming mental skills video series).  It is an excellent starting place for a solid understanding of what is involved in pursuing a career in performance consulting. To access the FREE video, simply click the “Introduction to Performance Consulting” icon below (the red banner with the name, bullet points and the word “FREE” in green). If you like it, check out the other videos in our Are You Ready for  Performance Consulting? series that are available for rent.  Enjoy!







Link to Taking Inventory video

Link to Consultant as an Anthropologist

Link to Contextual Intelligence Case Example

Link to Video: The Business of Performance Consulting