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Performance Coaching

Executive and Professional Coaching

Are you looking for an edge in navigating the ever-changing turbulent whitewater of today’s business world? Executive/Professional coaching can help you develop your full potential to meet both professional and personal challenges. Are you seeking specific assistance in a new position, wanting to improve current performance, or searching for greater clarity in your life and career focus? In the safe haven of the coaching relationship you can chart your course not just in your current job, but in your career and life.

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Mental Skills Training for Athletes

Being successful requires more than having physical skills and abilities; it is being able to consistently perform those skills and abilities under pressure. Just ask any top performer — the greater the challenge, the more important mental skills become.

You can learn the same methods and techniques used by Olympic athletes to perform under pressure. Build confidence by knowing you can deliver anytime, anywhere, under any conditions.

How much time do you spend working on the physical or technical aspects of your performance? How much time do you spend on the mental aspects? Take it to the top. Start NOW!

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Mental Skills Training For Performing Artist

Performing artists face an incredibly challenging task – not only do they have to concentrate, focus and execute upon demand, but they must add an emotional dimension to the process. Few things in life are more daunting than auditions; yet dealing with the pressure of auditions is a routine part of becoming a successful performing artist.

Get Your Head in the Game is at the cutting edge of applying those same techniques used by athletes to help musicians, dancers and actors achieve peak performance under pressure and sustain excellence over time.

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