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Life Balance

Living the life you love and loving the life you live. Are you happy?
Too many people have fallen victim to the false belief that achieving “the good life” – wealth, acquisitions, and career accomplishments – is the key to happiness. Recent research has documented what wise individuals have known for years: true happiness comes from using your strengths and talents, and applying those gifts towards a meaningful ideal.

At Get Your Head in the Game we build upon insights gained from 20+ years of experience helping distressed individuals, couples and families, integrating knowledge of performance excellence and healthy families to assist individuals and couples in living happier, fulfilled lives. Our focus has shifted from repairing broken dreams to proactively helping individuals and couples enrich the quality of their lives; and in doing so, sustain excellence over time.

Work your fingers to the bone, what do you get?… boney fingers.
(Hoyt Axton, 1976)

Many high-level performers fear that taking time away from their work, sport, or other challenge will hurt their overall performance. Research and experience shows that the opposite is true.

  • Balance enhances performance
    There is ample research documenting that having balance in life improves long-term performance and prevents burnout
  • Energy management is more important than time management
    The time that you devote to a task is not nearly as cruicial as the energy that you bring to the task.
  • Healthy relationships enhance performance
    The quality of your relationship with your significant other impacts your health, energy, immune system, and general well-being; all of these aspects impact performance.

Life Coaching

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life and open to change? Individual life coaching can provide a safe haven for weighing options, gaining clarity and focus, and developing strategies for achieving your goals. Your coach will be there to support you along the journey, and help with mid-course corrections.
  • A variety of coaching formats are available: face-to-face, email and via telephone.
  • Contact us now for additional information

We offer a variety of programs to help you live the life you love:

Make It Real – The Life Planning Retreat

This is a unique three day experience designed solely for you and your partner in which you customize a personal and professional life plan that is tailored to your personalities, families, strengths and dreams.

Contact us for an exclusive, customized retreat.

Tune Up Your Twosome – Couples Workshop

  • Tune Up Your Twosome moves beyond traditional marriage enrichment programs that simply focus upon sharing emotions, in that it offers practical, easily-understood, and highly effective techniques based on more than two decades of research and professional experience. Topics include: Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Relationship; Building Your Emotional Bank Account; Dealing with Differences; Defining Your Dream; Goal Getting; and Staying in Shape.
  • This program is typically offered to 4 or more couples as either an intensive weekend program or a 4-6 week series. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a Tune Up Your Twosome series, the program’s length and format can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Contact us for information on upcoming programs, or to sponsor a program near you.