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Mental Skills Training For Athletes

Being successful requires more than having physical skills and abilities; it is being able to consistently perform those skills and abilities under pressure. Just ask any top performer — the greater the challenge, the more important mental skills become.

You can learn the same methods and techniques used by Olympic athletes to perform under pressure. Build confidence by knowing you can deliver anytime, anywhere, under any conditions.

How much time do you spend working on the physical or technical aspects of your performance? How much time do you spend on the mental aspects? Take it to the top. Start NOW!

A “Total Package” to meet your performance needs

  • Assessment
  • Mental skills coaching
  • Relationship-building
  • Work — Life balance
  • Skills and resources for addressing problem areas

FAQ s about mental skills training

  • Contrary to popular belief, mental skills are not a natural by-product of practice
  • Learning these skills can be integrated into your daily workout routine
  • Mental skills can be used in any performance setting– work, school, and social settings

A variety of formats available

  • Individual coaching
  • Team consultations
  • Special groups
    • Master the Mental Game (golf)
    • The Science of Concentration and Focus: How to Perform Under Pressure (separate groups for male and female high school athletes)
    • Nurturing Excellence: How to be a Great Sport Parent

Contact us to:

  • Learn about upcoming programs
  • Arrange a consult with your team
  • Schedule a presentation
  • Line up your private consultation or assessment.

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